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What you need to know when being the first to Pre-Order the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Pre-Order

April 10, 2015 11:45 AM ET

by: Bryan Tropeano


Apple Watch - NewsWAtchThe Apple Watch is probably the most talked about item of wearable tech that we have seen this year and perhaps ever. Some will argue this is no accident and that Apple has engineered the announcements and impending release date specifically to build massive hype around the Apple Watch, but it is their prerogative to do so, and judging by the information that is available it will be well worth the wait.


The Apple Watch has a release date set for 24 April 2015 which is just over 3 weeks away at the time of writing this article. The watch has been built around all of the features that are known and loved from traditional time pieces including; precision time keeping, date, alarm functionality and chronograph. Apple has also built on these features and introduced many digital elements into the equation such as digital and animated face, moon phase, stock quotes, SMS messaging, voice calling, sketch to type, and many other cool features.


Apple - NewsWatchFor those of you that really can’t wait to get your hands on the Apple Watch it will be available to pre-order on the 10th April 2015 – 2 weeks before its official release. If you are a die-hard Apple fan then you may well want to go this route in case the Apple Watch sells out on its release date – which of course there is no doubt that it will.


What do you need to know?


The Apple Watch will be available to pre-order on 10th April 2015 and you can do so via the Apple website here. Apple has already published official prices which range from $549 up to $599 depending on design, material and features.


In addition to the variety of designs there are also two case sizes depending on the size of watch that you prefer on your wrist.



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Bryan Tropeano is a senior producer and a regular reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Washington D.C. and loves all things Tech.

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