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AX Semantics - Let Us Do The Writing | NewsWatch Review

Published on May 20, 2015

Tech Product Review


In a digital and internet driven world, businesses must do two things simultaneously. First off, they need to create data for their website content, and product descriptions. After all, a good website needs to have all the detailed information necessary to inform the public about their business. Then, they must turn around and create text for those exact same items for readers to consume. Depending on the size or type of business, this can be a lot of work. Henry Ford once said, “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” If businesses were asked that same question, they would say faster copy writers. This is where AX-Semantics comes in. Their software platform takes data and creates fully written content.


AX Semantics NewsWatch Review

For example, if you needed copy for a football game, you plug in the basic raw data and AX-Semantics will put together an article. Or another good example, let's say you have a website with tons of products that need descriptions. Feed the basic data you have about the products into AX-Semantics and it will create all the E-Commerce descriptions. You could say it is almost like a robot typewriter. Be that as it may, of course there will always be a need for human writers. At the same time, there is so much that can be handled by software, that it allows you to concentrate on the pieces that matter. Before you know it you will save lots of time, and not to mention money. The software can take your data and generate it into 11 different languages, allowing you to go international. Their accurate technology has already started to make waves so if you are interested in finding out more just head over to their website.


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