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ChargeItSpot - Phone Charging Station | NewsWatch Review

Published on May 20, 2015

Tech Product Review


When you lose your phone or the battery dies, you experience an emotional response. Amidst the worry and possible depression, often times you experience borderline anxiety! Losing your phone may be out of your control, but keeping the battery alive is not. After a day of heavy use with no charger in sight, times can get desperate as your battery percentage slowly dwindles. ChargeItSpot NewsWatch ReviewThanks to a company called ChargeItSpot, there is no need to get desperate anymore. ChargeItSpot places charging stations across the U.S. in major retail stores so you can keep your battery strong and your day stress free. We were able to sit down with ChargeItSpot CEO Douglas Baldasare to get his take on their battery charging solution.



“ChargeItSpot is out in the world solving two massive problems. One is that consumers are constantly running low on their phone batteries, and we need our phones for everything we do every single day. The other is that traditional brick and mortar retailers are constantly looking for creative ways to draw customers into their stores and keep them shopping longer. For consumers, ChargeItSpot is completely free. You go up to the ChargeItSpot, you hit, ‘Start Charging’, you enter your 10 digit mobile number. That’s your code to lock your locker door. In each locker are charging cords provided. Charge your phone, close your door, and go shop.”

                                                    -Douglas Baldasare, CEO ChargeItSpot


ChargeItSpot NewsWatch Review

It’s not just consumers who are seeing the benefit of ChargeItSpot. With docks in 120 different locations across retail stores, independent research has concluded that consumers are 55 percent more likely to purchase something in a store when their phone is charging. That extra peace of mind goes a long way.


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