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Gevey Box - Waterproof Umbrella Case | NewsWatch Review

Published on April 23, 2015

Tech Product Review


     It is not uncommon to see phone cases promote themselves as being water resistant. This usually means your phone is protected against water spills or splashes. Protection from a spill here or as splash there is nice, but that will not save your phone from a trip through the washing machine. Undefined “resistance” is not enough assurance for safety, especially for those of us who are more accident prone. Here is a case that is going above and beyond such an uncertain assurance. It is not only water resistant, but we can confidently say it is water proof. It is called the Gevey Box Umbrella Case. They call it the Umbrella Case because it keeps your phone safe from rain, snow, dirt, you name it.


     The Gevey Box Umbrella Case can be submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes without the phone being affected. Perfect for you snorkelers who just insist on texting or snapping pictures of fish underwater. Water proofing is a nice feature, but that is only half the story. The next biggest threat to phones is being dropped. Many a phone screen has been destroyed by clumsy hands.  The Gevey Box Umbrella Case is also shock absorbent, ensuring your phone will survive those out of the blue accidents. It can easily survive being dropped up to 2 meters .


     Not everyone likes a case on their phone these though, especially in these days where bigger is better. A case that offers all this protection must be really bulky, right? Usually, using that kind of logic is right on the money but the Gevey Box Umbrella Case is a snug fit so not only is it protective, it's also slick. No need to look like you should be wearing a hard hat while carrying around a bulky phone case.


     It is available in multiple colors for the iPhone 6 and will be available in early May for $65.


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