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Holonis – Your Smarter Marketplace | NewsWatch Review

Published on April 23, 2015

Business Review


     Let's face it, we have moved into a digital age. It is a period full of change. If you own or operate a business there is no denying you need a digital presence. Knowing this simple fact is not enough, you need a way to interact with your potential customers. Say you would like to deliver daily deals, build a customer engagement strategy, or sell products online, the list goes on and on. We do not want you to drown in a sea of Internet confusion so here is our suggestion. Sign up at


     Holonis has designed a one stop marketplace for any business to create an account and easily control all online activities from a digital dashboard. What better way to promote your business than with all your needs aggregated in one spot? Your business info, social accounts, articles, photos, videos, reviews, and your communication feed can be found in your Holonis hub. Even e-commerce functions are completely integrated. Customers can purchase your products and services straight from your Holospace.


     Along with these excellent features, Holonis will also track your backend analytics so you can get the full breakdown of how your business is operating. With essential information like this you can pinpoint what is working and what isn’t. So after over five years of development, Holonis has been built to impress both consumers and business owners.


     Holonis offers an affordable, all encompassing digital marketing solution that helps businesses succeed online.


For more information, visit ""

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