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What to Expect With New iOS9

iOS 9

May 29, 2015 1:25 PM ET

by: Nick Gambino


AppleBy now you may have heard some rumors about the highly anticipated iOS 9 and its tie-in to the iPhone 6s. From wild rumors like, “It'll support the new teleportation feature allowing you to go from New York to Tokyo in 4 seconds!” to some more plausible features like, “It'll include added transit directions to Apple Maps.”


Expected to be announced and released in beta for developers at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference on June 8th there have been vague and general rumors floating around about iOS 9's many new features for months now.


This newest and most substantial iOS 9 info leak is coming to us by way of Those guys are usually pretty reliable when it comes to all things Mac. But until Apple confirms it, these are all still in the rumor realm. Alright, let's dive into what we should expect from iOS 9.



Force Touch for iPhone 6s


Force Touch is a new tech that was introduced with the new Apple Watch and newer MacBooks. Basically, its an innovative new touch technology that detects the pressure you are applying to the screen or in the case of the MacBook, the tracking pad. Different pressure triggers a different set of commands.


Force Touch will be integrated into the design of the iPhone 6s. IOS 9, which will be released ahead of the 6s, will be compatible with this tech. Apple is also allowing app developers to integrate Force Touch into their apps to get ready for it.


With iOS 9 being released across all devices including iPad it's expected that Force Touch will be used on all future Apple products.


iPhone 6 - NewsWatch





We should be seeing a newly updated keyboard with iOS 9, allegedly. (We have to say “allegedly” because it makes us feel like we're dealing with a deadly serious activity.) The keyboard is said to be longer with more readily available editing controls. Apparently they've gone through several variations in the prototype stage so we'll see what changes actually make it to the final version.





Ah, the old iMessage. We love it but sometimes, boy... Well, there's a few slight changes being made. Mainly in the read receipt department. Read receipt for group messages will be supported as well as selecting read receipt for individual contacts, allowing us to finally choose to keep only some people at an arm's length instead of everybody.


I doubt read-receipt is a major concern for most but fine if they want to upgrade it. Now, what I want to see is the ability to search for individual text messages. I don't know about anyone else but there are some people I have thousands of text messages with going back several years and sometimes I need to find a specific text and don't want to scroll back for 4 hours to possibly, maybe find it. God forbid I should miss it in the scroll.



Apple Pay


Apple PayAs part of Apple's plan to export Apple Pay internationally they'll be starting with Canada because why not. They're basically America. IOS 9 is laying the foundation to be able to support Canadian banks in Passbook.


Nothing has been finalized with this yet but that's the plan before they release iOS 9.



Those are the updates to iOS. Nothing here is shocking. No major overhauls or redesigns like with iOS 7. Some additional features include transit directions being added to Apple Maps to help you plan your trip by bus, train, etc; while iPad users will be happy to hear that there's a planned side-by-side app function for you to multi-task. The usual security and performance updates are expected as well.


So there you have it the amazingly new, innovative, spectacular...ok now I'm just overhyping it. Here's a more reasonable exclamation: iOS 9 should be pretty cool.



Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter

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