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3 Tips To Keep iPhone Battery from Dying

iPhone Battery Tips

April 21, 2015 4:05 PM ET

by: Bryan Tropeano


Iphone Battery - NewsWatchThere is no doubt the Apple iPhone is one of the most successful and loved smart phones available on the market today - not only is the phone super stylish and trendy but it is packed full of features.  The invent of the iPhone has helped turn phonee into more than a just a Snake playing device (I do miss my old Nokia from yesterdays), with limited capabilities of only being able to speak to your friends and loved ones.


The iPhone is obviously packed full of features right out the box, but once you hit the Appstore the amount of options is limitless – surfing the web, playing 3D interactive games, taking HD selfies, Skyping your friends, writing on your blog, showing the world the 100th picture of your puppy on social media platforms, emailing, and even faxing (do people still do that?) are just some of the tasks you can carry out from your iPhone. There are thousands more tasks I don’t even need to mention – In honesty the iPhone can be used to accomplish almost anything.  You can even use it as a level to hang pictures!


So what is the catch?

The downside to the iPhone is battery life – due to all of these rich features, the battery life of an iPhone is average at best, and users can typically drain an iPhone battery in less than half a day.  Personally I know this time frame can be shortened even further when I get in a good “Words with Friends” battle while trying to figure out my plans for the evening and streaming a Netflix series.


So how do you conserve battery life?

There are many ways that battery life can be conserved on an iPhone.  In this article we’ve picked our top 3 tips to keep your iPhone battery from dying.


1. Turn off unused connections

Tips to Keep iphone Battery from DyingThe iPhone has several different types of connectivity options - Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth - but these all contribute substantially to battery drain. If you are not using some of these methods then turning them off will increase battery life substantially. Bluetooth is a very common connection type that will not be used – or at least not all of the time - so turning this off can be a big help.  The biggest issue is remembering to turn Bluetooth back on, especially if you are going to be in your car and want to stay hands free.


2. Delete unused apps

Tips to Keep iphone Battery from DyingDeleting unused apps can also kill battery life – many apps have features that run in the background and so having as few apps on your phone as possible will increase battery time.  Check your settings to see which apps are running constantly, and if you aren’t using them, delete them!


3. Turn off location information

A very handy feature of the iPhone is it's location tracking - it's great for apps that are location dependent and also for mapping applications such as Google Maps. Unfortunately, the location feature uses GPS and is a big drain on your battery life, so turning this feature off  can also increase the battery life on your phone drastically.


There are many other ways to increase your iPhones battery life, but if you follow these three tips you will at least have a chance of saving your battery until you go to bed and have to start the daily battery struggle all over again.



Bryan Tropeano is a senior producer and a regular reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Washington D.C. and loves all things Tech.

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