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Jouve - Convenient Document Verification | NewsWatch Review

Published on May 20, 2015

AppWatch Review


Jouve Newswatch ReviewWe often highlight new and upcoming apps and products but we also love to highlight those long established companies that are making huge strides forward in the modern marketplace. Jouve is a Europe based company originally founded in 1903 by Henri Jouve. As a publisher based in Paris, France, he went on to found a printing works in Mayenne which began printing poetry and moved on to scientific literature as time passed. Jouve survived the bombing of Mayenne in World War 2, and continued to thrive and grow with the ever changing technology of the 20th Century. Now, after pushing towards internationalization, Jouve has locations in 10 countries.
























Originally specializing in basic publishing of texts they became experts in new technologies and digital usage trends. Never ones to fall behind the times they were right there when CD Rom was cutting edge and later when digital capture and internet capabilities were introduced. One of their latest innovations we saw at Mobile World is their Mobile document capture and proofing software.  It allows establishments like banks, insurance providers, or tech companies to accurately, quickly, and securely identify documents and validate their authenticity and coherence with tablets and smart phones. For example, if you are a bank and a customer wants to open an account or a mortgage, the customer can use Jouve's mobile app to capture his ID and supporting documents, then have them automatically authenticated. No need for the bank to see the physical documents.
























Jouve Mobile Capture supports more than 40 international identity card models and 70 international passports. All you need is just three seconds to confirm and check a document. This saves both the bank and the consumer time which, in our opinion, is very cool stuff.  To find out more about Jouve and where they are headed go check out their website.

Jouve Newswatch Review
Jouve Newswatch Review


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