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Global Kristall - Liquid Screen Protector | NewsWatch Review

Published on April 23, 2015

Tech Product Review


     Cell phones are not necessarily the most hardy of devices. Particularly those pretty touch screens we have become so fond of. Many people believe that screen protectors are a necessary part of keeping your phone and tablet screens scratch and smudge free. Adding a raised screen protector is never a perfect solution, as over time the corners inevitably start to peel, and that one little air bubble in the middle of the screen eventually drives you insane. Not to mention applying one takes near ninja-like skills, so is it really worth the effort? It is time to start thinking outside the box, so here comes nanotechnology to save the day. This is a new screen protector that totally changes the screen protection game. It is called the Global Kristall Liquid Screen Protector. They were getting a ton of attention at Mobile World Congress 2015 for their incredibly simple but effective screen protector.


     You start by giving your phone screen a thorough cleaning, like you would before applying any other screen protection. The next step is where things get more interesting. The Global Kristall Liquid screen protector,  which comes in liquid form, is applied to your phone, tablet, or laptop screen by simply wiping it on. You wait a couple of minutes, dry it off with a soft cloth, and voila it is applied and you are good to go.


     In 48 hours, your screen will be fully hardened, virtually undetectable, and you will have over a year's worth of protection. Unlike noticeably raised screen protectors, you will be hard-pressed to detect the Global Kristall Liquid Screen Protector. No more of those annoying and impossible to remove air bubbles.  It protects from everyday scratches and gives you extra resistance against fingerprints and smudges. The Global Kristall Liquid Screen Protector will be available on Amazon in the coming months for around $25.

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