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LIFX - Live A More Illuminated Life | NewsWatch Review

Published on May 20, 2015

Tech Product Review


LIFX Smart Bulbs ReviewTechnology is slowly changing our lives. It started by changing our simple cell phones into multimedia communication devices, and it's not stopping there. We strive to keep you up to date with the latest in this booming industry, mainly because it is the wave of the future, but also because it’s just so cool. Here is the next big thing to get an intelligent work over. Light bulbs. Light bulbs are overdue for a tech overhaul, and LIFX smart bulbs are leading the charge in giving them a big upgrade. These new LIFX LED smart bulbs can be used anywhere to set the color and brightness of your home, all from your phone or tablet, and they work on regular light switches.


LIFX Smart Bulb ReviewLIFX screws in like a normal light bulb, no extra steps there. You then need to download the app, connect to your Wi-Fi, and that is all she wrote. When you open the app, your lights are good to go. After this basic prep stage you choose your settings and features. Customize things like color, brightness, themes and schedules. You can even add effects and interactions with other home products and services. Of course you need to keep your lighting system organized, so you can name each light. For instance you can name one “kitchen”, “bathroom”, or whatever works best for you. Not only that, they are very energy efficient bulbs that can last up to 22 years.


LIFX Smart Bulb NewsWatch ReviewLIFX has two bulbs you should check out. There is the White 800 which gives 1000 shades from the warmest to the coolest whites at a bright eight hundred and ninety lumens. Then there is the Original, which has 16 million color choices and whites at one thousand lumens. The White 800 goes for around 39 dollars and the Original is 99 dollars. To get your LIFX Smart Bulb, head to any major retailer.




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