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Musical Pairing – For That Perfect Bite! | NewsWatch Review


Published on May 20, 2015

AppWatch Review


Musical Pairings App ReviewYou can break down nearly any situation or concept into a mathematical equation. After all, they say that math is the language of the universe. They also say that music is a universal language. These simple premises also apply to good food. A daring and talented chef, as well as an ardent music lover, Barbara Werner, has taken the mathematical values for foods and music and combined them into harmonious pairings.


Her passion is evident in the fact she has her own book series explaining this process. Not only has she explored the world of printed word but she has also created an app called Musical Pairing for those who don’t want to do the math themselves. First off, the app needs you to enter the food you are eating so that it can begin the pairing process. Necessary details include the protein content, sauce choices, the method of cooking, onto little details like the level of spice. Then it comes down to you selecting the genre of music you would like to hear. Any good meal needs a good drink to accompany it. Musical Pairing gives you beverage recommendations and then plays music as you eat to enhance your experience.





























Barbara has taken her musical pairing show on the road. She has hosted pop up events from California to New York. The dinners are B.Y.O.H.: Bring Your Own Headset. Just an example of one of the more unique combinations is chocolate lava cake paired with Gangsta’s Paradise which is a bass heavy song by Coolio. If you want to learn more about the Musical Pairing app, or would like tickets to an upcoming event, head to Move quickly though, tickets are limited and they sell out fast.

Musical Pairing Newswatch Review
Musical Pairing Newswatch Review


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