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Published on May 22, 2015

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Google may have some competition in the self-driving car industry. Uber is starting to conduct research on the innovative vehicles. Uber has vehicle they will start testing around Pittsburg. It is still unclear how long it will take the car service to start rolling out these driverless taxis, but with the help of robotics staff from Carnegie Mellon, Uber should be able to get cars on the road everywhere in no time. I think they’ve had enough stories come out about their drivers going for joy rides with customers in the backseat screaming bloody murder.  So they decided to look into ways to cut out the driver, and leave a customer in the backseat screaming bloody murder to no one.


Ireland has the opportunity to make history today. Millions of people across Ireland are expected to vote on same-sex marriage. It is expected that today’s votes will finally approve same-sex marriage in the land of potatoes. This would mean Ireland would have the first nationwide vote allowing gay marriage. Pre-election polls showed that a majority of Irish voters want marriage equality. This public vote could mean a lot for Ireland as well as change the conversation on same-sex marriage around the world.


Tanishq Abraham is an 11 year old who is most likely going to make you feel bad about yourself. Abraham graduated yesterday with three degrees from American River College in Sacramento California. That’s right, an 11 year old just graduated from college with three degrees in math and physical science, general science and language studies. Officials from American River College haven’t confirmed that he is the college’s youngest graduate, but it might be a safe bet to assume that’s the case. According to Abraham, the accomplishment “isn’t much of a big deal.” Apparently they didn’t teach humility in college.


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