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Published on May 26, 2015

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Microsoft plans to release a phone companion app for its latest operating system Windows 10. This companion app will feature Cortana. The new app is special from other voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Now, because Microsoft’s Cortana will not only be available on Windows phones. This new Cortana app will be available on iOS and Android devices. Though the Cortana app will not have all of the same functions on its iOS and Android editions as its Windows versions, this is still an opportunity for Microsoft to encourage users to stick with their Windows Phones despite owning an Android or iOS device.


Android users asked for it and now it’s happening. Twitter plans to launch an Android version of Periscope. It was only a matter of time until the popular live-streaming app would be available to Android users after its immediate success on iOS devices. Periscope for Android will offer features aimed at making the experience on Android the best it can possibly be. Twitter reps say this new app will be “Android-specific.”


Does everyone remember “Dancing Man” who was body-shamed earlier this year? In case you don’t, Earlier this year a 4chan message board user had their post go viral after posting a rude video of an overweight man dancing. The man in the photo was mocked but had the last laugh this past weekend. Sean O’Brien, referred to as “Dancing Man” online, enjoyed an epic celebrity dance party. Campaigner Monica Lewinsky and musicians Andrew WK and Moby attended his party. Pharrell Williams recorded a special video message of support that was played at the party. The party was completely funded by a GoFundMe page when a Los Angeles writer reached out to twitter followers to

help find O’Brien. What started as a cruel post online, turned into a celebration for O’Brien.

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