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SiBEAM - Millimeter-wave Wireless Speeds | NewsWatch Review

Published on April 23, 2015

Tech Product Review


      It is always exciting when technology allows us to make a jump into higher internet speeds. Luckily for us, the folks at SiBEAM are on the cutting edge of the industry by developing intelligent millimeter wave technologies for wireless communications. Unfortunately, wireless communication has a reputation for unreliable speeds and unpredictable connection drops. Their goal is to bring reliable gigabit wireless data communication everywhere, changing the way we see wireless technology forever.


     So how are they going about achieving this? First off, the 60GHz spectrum is the next unlicensed or “free” spectrum that the FCC makes available for use by industries. Another example of unlicensed spectrum is 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz for Wi-Fi. At Mobile World Congress 2015, SiBEAM was showing off three millimeter-wave technologies. First we saw the SiBEAM Snap technology, designed to wirelessly replace physical connectors on your devices like a two in one convertible laptop, smart phone, and tablet. With Snap, phones will have a more elegant industrial design that is slimmer, lighter, and less prone to damage as there won't be any open holes in the device.


     Next is the in-room SiBEAM UltraGig wireless data and video solution. Based on the WirelessHD and the new Wi-Fi 802.11ad standards, these deliver multiple gigabit data transfer rates and 4K video for your devices. This  basically eliminates the need for cables, allowing you to stream wirelessly within a 15 meter radius at super high data rates. Last but not least, your 60GHz devices will be even better if they can deliver the same speeds to your home or office. Enter SiBEAM’s wireless outdoor solutions. This system delivers gigabit wireless speeds across 500 meters. Meaning, you would get gigabit Internet speeds in your apartment instead of a hundred megabits.  The future is looking awfully bright, considering the potential of this technology.

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