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SMART kapp - Digital Smart Board | NewsWatch Review

Published on April 23, 2015

Tech Product Review


     Raise your hand if you remember chalkboards. You know, they needed chalk to draw and erasers to erase. Talk about old school. A good idea that is rendered useless if you run out of chalk. From there we progressed to dry erase boards, which are a common sight in any office or educational environment. Where do we go from there? Simply mix the concept of dry erase boards with the modern convenience of the Internet. SMART kapp is the natural evolution of old technology being combined with modern devices, creating a new communication tool with incredibly practical application.


     SMART kapp is a leap in functionality that is also a reliable collaboration tool. It is available in 42 and 84 inches and uses the same dry erase pen you are used to but also shows anything that is written on the board in real time on the SMART kapp app or a web browser. If you are leading a meeting, connect your mobile device to the digital capture board by scanning the QR code or tapping the NFC tag to connect via bluetooth. You and your peers will quickly grow accustom to the convenient and efficient communication. After that, you can send a URL to anyone that needs to see what you are writing in real time. A quick note, they don’t need the app, just a browser.


     You are also able to save each page as a PDF or JPEG for reference. No more taking photographs. Perfect for business or brainstorm meetings or even school. The lite app is free, but you can purchase the premium version to increase the number of remote viewers from 5 to 250. The 42 inch SMART kapp board is $899 and the new 84 inch SMART kapp board is $1199. If you preorder, it goes for $999.


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