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SteelSeries - Sibera Elite HeadPhones - Tech Product Review

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Published on Nov 21, 2013

Tech Product Review


One of the best headsets to hit the market this year has been the Siberia Elite by SteelSeries.


First off, they're extremely comfortable with extra-large memory foam ear cushions so you won't feel the need to take them off after a few hours of play. Secondly the noise isolation is top class -- meaning you can use them out here in Times Square without hearing a thing. Great for gaming in a noisy environment or even casual use with your laptop or phone in a busy airport. Then there's the unique factor -- the ear cups radiate up to 16.8 million different color options on the outside. So you're not just stuck with one color -- unless you want to be. But most importantly is the sound -- they've managed to build an audio driver into the headset that delivers newer, louder, and more finely tuned audio, all in Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound. And you can connect it to nearly any device platform with their swappable cable system. This is their highest quality headset and it expands on the original Siberia platform.


It's a great headset that really is the best available. It sells for $199.99 and can be purchased at

Learn more about SteelSeries at


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