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New Virtual Reality Theme Park Puts You Directly In The Action

The Void

May 19, 2015 1:45 PM ET

by: Nick Gambino



The Void - Virtual Reality Theme ParkThe Oculus Rift has renewed the general public's interest in virtual reality (VR) headsets. For decades movies have imagined what a proper VR experience would feel like but the reality is real-life VR was just not up to snuff. Usually the lag and lack of realistic graphics defeated any real attempt to create the proper experience. The Oculus Rift changed all that with a high quality consumer tech that finally delivered what we'd all been waiting for.


It was just a matter of time before some genius took advantage of this awesome step-forward in VR technology and created a fully immersive virtual reality theme park. And that's exactly what's currently being created in Utah by entrepreneur, Ken Bretschneider, who sold his cyber security business in order to develop the idea.


It'll be known as The VOID (The Vision Of Infinite Dimensions). It'll be comprised of seven large rooms, all with different outlays and each overlaid with VR graphic designs that come to life once you put on your VR headset. You'll interact with different elements as full fantasy-filled stories unfold in front of your eyes. You can play everything from futuristic war games to lands filled with Dinosaurs.



"We are working to mix physical reality and virtual reality together,” Ken told the New York Daily News. “It’s more like living a movie instead of going and watching a movie.”


Each room will have different elements to add to the gameplay and make it feel more real. For instance if it's supposed to be cold and windy, the room will be cold and windy. If it's supposed to be hot, the room will get hot. There will be smells, changes in elevation, moisture and even objects and structures to interact with.


Taking it a step forward, they're developing motion simulators that you can sit in while wearing the headset and body tracker in order to fully simulate driving in a moving vehicle or flying in an aircraft or even maneuvering through space in your very own spaceship.


Up to 10 people can occupy a room allowing you to play games with a whole team and defeat monsters and dragons without having to go it alone. Because we all know slaying dragons is a team effort.


Now, while The VOID is not using the Oculus Rift, it is using state-of-the-art VR headsets known as Rapture HMD (Head Mounted Display) along with body tracking suits to create a fully immersive VR experience. Rapture HMD was specifically designed for the VOID so no need to try and fit outside technology into the park. The whole thing from design structure to the tech is being built from the ground up and not for cheap either. Ken has invested $13 million of his own money into the project.


Well, personally I'm excited and will definitely be purchasing a ticket to Utah when The VOID opens, hopefully in the summer of 2016. Hey, I guess it'll have to hold me over until they open a real Jurassic Park.




Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter

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