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WHILL Type-A 5.0 - Mobility Device - Tech Product Review

Published on 6/12/2014

Tech Product Review


Well it’s almost Father’s day and students around the country are graduating as we speak.  So what do you need to do?  Get presents for all those Dads and Grads.  So we’ve got three items that you should consider for them.  Now, earlier this year at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show we took a look at WHILL Type-A, a new personal mobility device that redefines assistive technology.  Since then, the designers have made some significant changes that we wanted to share.  But, just a quick reminder, the chair is 4 wheel drive and has unique large front wheels that give a super tight turning radius and can cover nearly any terrain.  Since then, they've added a new directional joystick type controller that’s more intuitive and responsive for the user. And the speed control is now protruding out of the arm for smoother and easier speed changes.  Next, they added an adjustable foot rest and seat that make for a more comfortable ride.  And finally they added larger buttons that make the power seat adjustments much easier and user friendly.  Other than that, the chair is still compact, comfortable, and very modern looking.  We loved it when we saw it in Vegas and we love the changes they’ve made to the new version, the WHILL Type-A 5.0.  Now, to learn more about the chair, just head to or visit their kickstarter campaign by going to and searching “WHILL”.

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